Case Study

How b.good Increased revenue  And Employees Engagement

Setting up for business growth

b.good is a 33-unit fast-casual chain that serves real food, with restaurants from Toronto to Raleigh.

b.good partnered with AppFront to cultivate and grow its family of customers as the brand geared up for its biggest growth phase in company history.

Together, b.good and AppFront have generated significant business value. But, there are 3 unique elements of our partnership and the results we measured.

Boost Staff Engagement

Since our platform reflects b.good's culture of personalization and human connection (i.e. "family"), their employees were inspired when we showed them we put their photos on the landing pages that appear when the app's GPS tracking points users to the nearest b.good.

So much so that they actually decided to hoist their general managers in the air for pictures; others even formed human pyramids. This was just a tiny part of our app but it meant the world to the b.good teams.

We were reminded that those teams are a restaurant's most important brand ambassadors and that we need to make them feel valued.

The restaurant teams were just as excited when we explained that the app could be used to share loyalty rewards or donate them to the non-profit partners that all of our owned locations and franchises are required to have.

We asked employees to pull out their own smartphones (everyone had one!), showed them how to download the app, and gave them each five smoothies to give away.

Though b.good encourages staff to reward loyal customer with surprise freebies once in a while, that wasn't our intention in this case. We wanted them to give the smoothies to the people they love -- their friends and family outside b.good -- or to the worthy organizations their restaurants support.

In fact, when we showed the teams thank-you videos from the non-profit beneficiaries -- which we send to customers when they make any kind of donation via the app -- every head was nodding in approval.

Build Engaged Community

Within the first 60 days, we had built a meaningful b.good digital community -- over 20,000 downloads and 16,000 mobile transactions.

But, most importantly, this community was engaged emotionally with the b.good story - an incredible average of over 60% open rates on campaigns with 23,000 redemptions and even more incredible, over 6,000 customers shared freebies and coupons and over 2,000 donated them to community non-profit partners.

Sharing best illustrated the power of engaged b.good family members. In a campaign we executed this winter, we watched b.good customer share their love for the brand in a way that has potentially transformative marketing implications.

While 60% of the targeted group opened the email that offered them the opportunity to share a sandwich, another 50% of the group that opened actually shared the freebie and then 29% of the recipients redeemed the offer at b.good!

Leverage All Channels

To support pre-launch marketing for their new restaurant in Portland, Maine, b.good developed a campaign to integrate Facebook with our AppFront platform. The day before the grand opening, b.good announced their grand opening on their social channels and offered a free entree to any "fan" who downloaded the b.good app (and joined the "family").

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