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Backed By Data
Mobile Services

Behaviour Based Campaigns

Our platform will learn your customers and enhance your direct marketing abilities with our easy to use Campaign Manager, Search for your campaign's perfect target audience (Avocado Lovers, Chocolate Addicts, etc), send a personalised gift to and tempt your customers to return.

Location Based Campaigns

Send perfectly timed campaigns when your customers are near one of your locations.

Your In-House
Data Scientist

Analysis of all historical data in order to understand customer trends and personalize every interaction with your customers. Appfront aggregates and graphs millions of transaction to reveal customer groups and characteristics for better campaigning and in-app experiences.

Analytics Dashboard

Immediately see your campaign results on our Real Time Campaign Analytics Dashboard. Understand the campaign's return of investment and see the movement of your customers, Learn from the results of your campaign and make the next one even better.


Find out how you compare (anonymously of course) and learn from the industries experience in order to improve your online marketing strategies.

Your Data Is Secure

We know your business data is important, that is why our development team is built up of programmers with many years of experience in cyber security, ensuring your data is safe.

Backed By Data
Mobile Services

Mobile Ordering

Give your customers the best experience in your stores by enabling them to skip the line, take their time while considering every meal on the menu and paying with a press of a button.

Coupons And Promotions

Personalised gifts and promotions for your customers to keep them coming back and trying out new items on your menu.
Make your stores viral with shareable coupons.

Customer Interaction

Dialog with your customers is important to gain their trust and hear their feedback, Keep an open line of communication with your customers through AppFront to make sure each customer feels that he/she is receiving genuine personal attention and that you care about what they have to say.

Activate Your Facebook Community

Don't just collect LIKEs on your Facebook page - start engaging your customers with personalized campaigns, and keep track on how effective they are.

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